George Boole’s 200th Birthday

George Boole’s 200th Birthday

2 Nov 2015 Dicas, SEO

Here’s an easy, yes-or-no question:
Sim ou Não?

Is the universe complex?
O Universo é complexo?

YES, of course, you could say; it would be crazy to think otherwise! But on the other hand, British mathematician George Boole taught us that NO, things can be seen as relatively simple; any values can be pared down to yes or no, true or false, or 0 or 1 (which, here at Google, is our personal favorite).
Sim, é claro, você poderia dizer; seria loucura pensar de outra maneira! Mas, por outro lado, o matemático britânico George Boole nos ensinou que Não, as coisas podem ser vistas como relativamente simples; quaisquer valores podem ser reduzidos a sim ou não, verdadeiro ou falso, ou 0 ou 1 (aqui na Google, é o nosso predileto).

In 1849, Boole was appointed as the first Professor… Leia mais!

George Boole’s 200th Birthday

A very happy 11001000th birthday to genius George Boole! by Google Doodies

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